Video: What Makes a Quality Job?

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Finding a good job is increasingly difficult in the United States. A “flexible” work environment is code for irregular schedules and part-time hours; health and benefits packages are being reduced in the new gig-economy; wages are lagging far behind the rise in cost of living; and people are expected to work longer and produce more with no time, or low incentives to climb the ladder and gain financial security as they struggle to make ends meet.

How can we prioritize quality job growth to support healthy families and communities in this reality? And what are some of the ingredients of a quality job for an increasingly diverse workforce?

The Quality Jobs Fund, through a 12-month intensive planning and research process that included five roundtable meetings with community leaders, business leaders, labor leaders, academics, job training professionals, and national experts, explored the emerging components of a quality job. Take a look at what we found out: