Advancing Economic Opportunity and Building Community

A collaborative project of the New World Foundation and the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.

$100 Million Investment in Quality Job Creation

The Quality Jobs Fund is a major initiative to enhance community wealth and the potential of working families by seeding sustainable long-term community wellbeing programs in distressed communities of Arizona, California and Nevada. Our goal: to address the problems of inequality through quality job expansion and skill development.

About the Fund

Community stakeholders drive progress

The inequality that results from rising long-term underemployment and decline in homeownership has exacted a strong negative impact on people’s lives — locally and nationally. Based on an extensive research and planning process in 2017 we created the Quality Jobs Fund initiative to support the development of strong and sustainable working class communities.

Cooperative bank meets grassroots philanthropy

The Quality Jobs Fund is a unique collaboration between two institutions that are aligned in their support of healthy families and communities: The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, a cooperative wholesale bank, supporting economic development across the West; and The New World Foundation, serving as a longtime trusted ally in community and economic equity.

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